Starting colts under saddle in the round pen

Lisa Robertson has trained competitive equine athletes and equestrians for over 30 years.

We specialize in starting young horses under saddle, halter breaking, de-sensitizing, giving every horse a solid foundation, a tune-up, and more.

We also help horses change from one discipline to another if their owner wants to try something new.

We focus on creating an "all-around" good horse that can take its owner wherever he/she wants to go. We use calm quiet methods of training, with little drama.  No drugs. No extreme tack. Just common horse sense.

Horses can be exposed to many different situations and will be trained for all-around equine disciplines as desired. Horses can also join us on-road rides, trail rides, shows, beach rides, etc. 

Lisa Robertson is the head trainer and uses her experience and German-influenced training methods in starting young horses and riders to let them shine. If you yearn to be more effective with your horse, you can even take lessons with your horse!  

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