Royal Legend Horse Center is only minutes from our Texas A & M main campus. Learn to ride with us! Home to some of the best horseback riding lesson horses in Texas. The horses make the difference. Our ranch-raised horses grow up to become calm and confident endurance, show, and great best trail riding horses. Our Sporthorse-bred hunter/jumpers are raised in the great outdoors to become world-class show horses and trustedf trail companions.

All-Breed Horse Training

Lisa Robertson has trained competitive equine athletes and equestrians for over 30 years.

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All-Breed Horse Boarding

Royal Legend Horse Center is an ALL-BREED full care horse boarding and training stable in Bryan, TX.

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Best Horseback Riding Lessons

Best horseback riding lessons in Texas!

"Our horses make the difference!" Royal Legend is home to the sweetest horses that truly enjoy helping you learn to ride!

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