RLA Sonaliah is a black saddle-trained straight Egyptian mare suitable for a young rider, or an adult returning to riding. She's an easy horse to load into your trailer and take for a trail ride. She is a sweet and beautiful mare!

Many of you have longed to be able to own and ride a rare black straight Egyptian mare; we understand. RLA Sonaliah has a wonderful Al Khamsa pedigree with some of the highest quality Egyptian horses ever imported to this county inside the first five generations of her pedigree.

RLA Sonaliah is ready to make your black straight Egyptian Arabian mare ownership dreams come true!

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Straight Egyptian Pedigree for RLA Sonaliah

RLA Sonaliah
2004 black mare
RLA Sonadal
RLA Sonadal

1996 bs
Rabdal RSI
1970 ks
Faarad bs
Grete km *Rashad Ibn Nazeer
*Rashad Ibn Nazeer
*Bint El Bataa
*Bint El Bataa
1988 cm
Nefis El Din cs *Fakher El Din
*Fakher El Din

Alfisa RSI
So Soniet bm SonietasSolar
SonietasSolar RSI
Llela Din
The Enchantress BK
1996 cm
*Bakil reference
1978 gs
Kaysoon gs
Kaisoon reference
Bint Kahteefa
Om El Arab gm Alaa El Din
Alaa El Din
Ra Athaliah
1987 cm

*Morafic EAO
*Bint Mona
Ra Gilgal cm Moniet El Sharaf
Moniet El Sharaf
*Bint Bint El Bataa
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