RLA FROG PRINCE, b.h. 2010 - 2020 - Egyptian Arabian Stallion
RLA Frog Prince in his paddock after a storm

IN MEMORY - RLA Frog Prince was a stunning 15.2 hands shiny dark bay stallion with black points. He had excellent performance horse conformation with a deep body and a beautiful, classic face. A registered straight Egyptian Arabian, his Bedouin heritage also qualified him as Al Khamsa and Asil. 

"Frog" was an enthusiastic athlete and lived up to his name by jumping six-foot fences as a yearling when he wanted to change paddocks. He enjoyed being ridden hunter and was always brave and bold to the fences.

He had a great brain and could stand in the cross-tied in the barn even with several mares nearby. His sweet temperament was a joy. We miss him terribly!

"Frog" consistently stamped his foals with his own excellent conformation and beautifully refined heads. They show the same intelligence, sense of humor, and athleticism as their sire. They are fast learners with great minds! 

AHR: 655537 *Progeny on-site*
RLA Frog Prince jumping in the fieldRLA Frog Prince standing on the hillRLA Frog Prince clearing a log
See his pedigree, below. 

RLA Frog Prince
2010-2019 15.2 b.h.

Sareef Hadaya El Tareef Imperial Imdal
Ansata Imperial
Hadaya Nmerytaten Ansata Halim Bey
Hadaya Nnefertiti
Saadaa *Zahgloul Gassir
Naasa *Morafic
Bint Nahlah
RLA Royal Obsession Ravenwood Royalty Qahtahn Ruminaja Fayez
Moniet Bint Sabah
Ravenwood Hildea RG Al Mone
Sara Bint Misimma
*Bint Aswad Ibn Galal-15 Ibn Galal
Omera Shawki
Om El Arab
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