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These are our current straight Egyptian mare families.
Precious Egyptian broodmares

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to see their individual pages and their extended picture pedigrees. Our beautiful herd of amazing Arabian mares represents over thirty-five years of selecting for breed type, athletic ability, sport horse conformation, straight legs, and tractable character. They are born and bred to be excellent riding horses.

Consistent quality is the true test of any Arabian horse breeder. Our group of Egyptian mares shows a remarkable level of consistent "European style" riding horse excellence. It's quite an experience to walk through our pastures, and see these beautiful mares, with great legs on each and every mare.

Our straight Egyptian mares are outstanding ambassadors for the Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian Arabian. They are a rare source of outcross sire bloodlines within the Straight Egyptian breeding group; being free of today's popular The Minstril blood, they are ideal mares to prove your stallion's true siring ability.

After thirty-five plus years of breeding straight Egyptian horses, our current horses represent one of the oldest Arabian horse breeding programs in the United States or Canada. We invite you to see what our years of dedication and study of the Egyptian Arabian has created!

Listed below by mare family

Africa by Storm 1996 gm in memory (*Bakil x Out of Africa) (Hadban Inzahiyah)
     2017 gm RLA Cleopatra (Azizz Ibn Sid Abouhom x Africa by Storm)
Cygnet BK 2008 gm in memory (*Bakil x Sabahiya) (Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah)
    2008 gm RLA Royal Waseema (Ali Pasha Cherif x Cygnet BK)
                   RLA Dahlia FP (RLA Frog Prince x RLA Royal Waseema)
    2012 gm RLA Dove of Peace (RLA Nafiis IbnAli x Cygnet BK)

El Zahra Moniet: 1998 bm (Anazeh el Zahra [by *Bakil] x Mi Ty Jamilla) (Kuhailan Rodania)
   2006 cm RLA Qadesh (Ali Pasha Cherif x El Zahra Moniet)
                 2014 cm RLA Nefertiti (RLA Nafis IbnAli x RLA Qadesh)
                 2015 bm RLA Amaunet (RLA Frog Prince x RLA Qadesh)
            2017 cm RLA Aphrodite (Azizz Ibn Bint Abouhom x RLA Qadesh)

MB Hassamar: 1993 gm in memory (Imperial Immarouf x Hasanaa) (Dahmah Shahwaniyah)
   2006 gm RLA Anuket (Ali Pasha Cherif  MB Hasamar) SOLD!
    2017 gm RLA Lahbat Azaleh (Azizz Ibn Sid Abouhom x HB Hasamar)

RLA Royal Obsession:
2004 bm (Ravenwood Royalty x *Bint Aswad) (Dahmah Shahwaniya)

RLA Serras Legacy: 1997 gm (*Bakil x BB Serrasab) (Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah)
  RLA Angel AlAmal jumping 2011 gm RLA Angel AlAmal (Saareef x RLA Serras Legacy)
    2013 gm RLA Legacy Rose (RLA Nafiis IbnAli x RLA Serras Legacy)
    2017 gm RLA Zariffah (RLA Frog Prince x RLA Serras Legacy)

RLA Sonaliah: 2004 black mare ( RLA Sonadal x The Enchantress BK) (Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah) Well-trained under saddle. Experienced lesson mare. SOLD!

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Texas starTexas starTexas starTexas star - 20,000 - 54,900
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