SOLD! RLA Sonaliah is a true black saddle-trained straight Egyptian mare suitable for a young rider, or an adult returning to riding.

RLA Sonaliah is an easy horse to load into your trailer and take for a trail ride. She is a sweet and beautiful mare.

Many of you have longed to be able to own and ride a rare black straight Egyptian mare; we understand. RLA Sonaliah has a wonderful Al Khamsa pedigree with some of the highest quality Egyptian horses ever imported to this county inside the first five generations of her pedigree.

RLA Sonaliah is also a proven broodmare, and is ready to make your black straight Egyptian Arabian mare ownership dreams come true. Ride her, and breed her to your stallion for a dream foal!

Straight Egyptian Pedigree for RLA Sonaliah

RLA Sonaliah
2004 14.3 black mare
RLA Sonadal
RLA Sonadal

1996 bs
Rabdal RSI
1970 ks
Faarad bs
Grete km *Rashad Ibn Nazeer
*Rashad Ibn Nazeer
*Bint El Bataa
*Bint El Bataa
1988 cm
Nefis El Din cs *Fakher El Din
*Fakher El Din

Alfisa RSI
So Soniet bm SonietasSolar
SonietasSolar RSI
Llela Din
The Enchantress BK
1996 cm
*Bakil reference
1978 gs
Kaysoon gs
Kaisoon reference
Bint Kahteefa
Om El Arab gm Alaa El Din
Alaa El Din
Ra Athaliah
1987 cm

*Morafic EAO
*Bint Mona
Ra Gilgal cm Moniet El Sharaf
Moniet El Sharaf
*Bint Bint El Bataa
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