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Ranch-raised Show, Sport, and Trail Horses for Sale

There is an advantage
 to raising and training sport horses in the great State of Texas. Our large, open pastures and spacious paddocks allow young horses to grow and develop their athletic ability and social skills naturally among other horses in our ranch setting.

We ride our young horses in the open spaces of our Brazos Valley ranch, where the horses learn to confidently cross water or jump over downed trees as a matter of course, making them natural trail horses while ridden alone, or in a group. You will notice the difference between our home-bred and ranch-raised sport horses.

We endeavor to train our horses
 over fences and down the rail, and each horse for sale raised on our Texas ranch was meant to be your gentle forever equine companion. Prices may change as the horse advances in its training.

Contact us so we may match you with your ideal equine companion and schedule your visit to Bryan, Texas. We have been matching riders and horses for over thirty-five years, and we can usually find horses for sale that will match your needs. Horses offered at "private treaty" may also offer special incentives under certain circumstances. Please ask.

Our Texas ranch horses are ready to be transported. All of our horses for sale are current and up to date on Coggins, hoof trimming, immunizations, and worming. Transportation of sales horses to be arranged at the buyer's expense.

All prices in US currency;
Texas starTexas star - 1500 - 9900
Texas starTexas starTexas star - 9901 - 19900
Texas starTexas starTexas starTexas star - 20,000 - 54,900
Texas starTexas starTexas starTexas starTexas star - 55k - 150k

Riding Horses For Sale

Royal Legend Riding Horses for Sale and Future Riding Horses Available

There is an advantage to raising and training our horses in the great State of Texas.

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