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Royal Legend Egyptian Arabians of Bryan, Texas was founded in 1985 with the beautiful purebred straight Egyptian gelding, J Prince Shahlima, a son of the world-famous Egyptian sire, TheEgyptianPrince.

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Royal Legend Riding Horses and Prospects for Sale
We specialize in presenting quietly trained and high quality, family-friendly riding companions for sale. The difference between a spectacular show horse and an average one is more than just their price tag. It's how they were selected, how they were raised, how they have been treated on a daily basis, and how they have been trained under saddle. Use our German-based experience to select your equine companion based on more than just a number.

All horses are up to date on Coggins, hoof trimming, immunizations, and worming.

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Royal Legend Horse Center raises quality show horse prospects on the wide-open pastures of their Texas ranch, creating superior family riding companion geldings and young stock. 

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Royal Legend Horse Center sponsors several Bryan/College Station and surrounding area horse shows, trail rides, seminars, and horse camps to fill our calendar year-round with equestrian events all over Texas.

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Royal Legend Horse Center is only minutes from the Texas A & M main campus. We are Aggies! Home to some of the best horseback riding lesson horses in Texas. The horses make the difference.

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Royal Legend Arabian Horses of Texas presents our fine performance bred straight Egyptian Arabian bloodstock of the finest quality.

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Royal Legend Egyptian Arabian Horses offers a quality selection of Al Khamsa Arabians for breeding, show, and riding prospects many already under saddle and ready to become your beloved riding companion.

Egyptian Stallions 2

Royal Legend Straight Egyptian Arabians present our finest straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa and Asil, purebred Arabian stallions representing over thirty-five years of selective breeding.

Straight Egyptian Reference Stallions 2

Royal Legend Straight Egyptian Arabians there are the stallions we have chosen to enhance our Texas-based Straight Egyptian Arabian performance horse breeding program. Conformation excellence, with the honest work ethic and beautiful ridden gaits of the finest European sport horses, are paramount qualities in our selection process. 


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