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Royal Legend Egyptian Arabians of Bryan, Texas was founded in 1985 with the beautiful purebred straight Egyptian gelding, J Prince Shahlima, a son of the world-famous Egyptian sire, TheEgyptianPrince.

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Riding Horses for Sale

Royal Legend Riding Horses for Sale - Future Riding Horses for Sale

Ranch-raised Show, Sport, and Trail Horses for Sale

There is an advantage
 to raising and training sport horses in the great State of Texas. Our large, open pastures and spacious paddocks allow young horses to grow and develop their athletic ability and social skills naturally among other horses in our ranch setting.

We ride our young horses in the open spaces of our Brazos Valley ranch, where the horses learn to confidently cross water or jump over downed trees as a matter of course, making them natural trail horses while ridden alone, or in a group. You will notice the difference between our home-bred and ranch-raised sport horses.

We endeavor to train our horses
 over fences and down the rail, and each horse for sale raised on our Texas ranch was meant to be your gentle forever equine companion. Prices may change as the horse advances in its training.

Contact us so we may match you with your ideal equine companion and schedule your visit to Bryan, Texas. We have been matching riders and horses for over thirty-five years, and we can usually find horses for sale that will match your needs. Horses offered at "private treaty" may also offer special incentives under certain circumstances. Please ask.

Our Texas ranch horses are ready to be transported. All of our horses for sale are current and up to date on Coggins, hoof trimming, immunizations, and worming. Transportation of sales horses to be arranged at the buyer's expense.

All prices in US currency;
Texas starTexas star - 1500 - 9900
Texas starTexas starTexas star - 9901 - 19900
Texas starTexas starTexas starTexas star - 20,000 - 54,900
Texas starTexas starTexas starTexas starTexas star - 55k - 150k


Royal Legend Horse Center raises quality show horse prospects on the wide-open pastures of their Texas ranch, creating superior family riding companion geldings and young stock. 

Half-Arabians for Sale

Royal Legend Riding Prospects and Half-Arabian Riding Prospects for Sale

There is an advantage to raising and training our horses in the great State of Texas.

Local Events and Horse Shows

Royal Legend Horse Center sponsors several Bryan/College Station and surrounding area hunter and show horse shows, trail rides, equine seminars, and horse camps to fill our calendar year-round with equestrian events all over Texas. See Brazos Valley Horse Shows for our schedule of local sport horse shows coming in 2022.


Royal Legend Horse Center is only minutes from our Texas A & M main campus. Learn to ride with us! Home to some of the best horseback riding lesson horses in Texas. The horses make the difference. Our ranch-raised horses grow up to become calm and confident endurance, show, and great best trail riding horses. Our Sporthorse-bred hunter/jumpers are raised in the great outdoors to become world-class show horses and trustedf trail companions.

Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

A European Arabian Horse Legacy

The purebred Arabian horse is world-renowned for its legendary beauty, and for its performance as a riding horse. Perhaps no other type of Arabian is more revered for beauty than the Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian, and no other country was more demanding of its stallions than Germany. 

The Desert-bred Arabian horse
was prized by royal armies for hundreds of years as a superior mount on the battlefield. To ensure the nation's cavalry was mounted on the best riding horses possible, the finest Arabian stallions were brought from Arabia's deserts and selected to improve native European herds.

Eventually, this became a formal, highly respected three-day test, where potential stallion candidates from all European breeds were presented each year for the prestigious German performance testing. Those stallions scoring high enough would be awarded a license to stand at public stud.

Straight Egyptian Stallion, *Bakil, bred in Germany, German Stallion Licensing WinnerThe impeccably bred German-born
 straight Egyptian stallion *Bakil, (Kaysoon by Nazeer x Om El Arab,) not only won the German stallion licensing of his year, but he also beat all the other breeds presented for the annual stallion licensing.

His scores set the standard, even after he was exported to the United States. This extraordinary athlete subsequently became a winning racehorse competing against the most successful racing bloodlines in America. *Bakil remains the only German licensing champion to later win on the American racetrack.

Today, the straight Egyptian descendants of *Bakil are treasured for their extraordinary talent, soundness, work ethic, and European "sport horse" quality. They offer an outstanding outcross for today's "show ring" straight Egyptian bloodlines, while their Arabian type remains true to the legend of the Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian Arabian. 

Royal Legend Egyptian Arabian Horses of Texas
presents our fine performance bred straight Egyptian Arabian bloodstock for your inspection. We continue the German tradition of selection by performance and temperament; we train all of our straight Egyptian bloodstock under saddle as future hunter-jumpers and calm sport horses.

The Royal Legend Egyptian horses often feature the rare bloodline of the legendary German-bred stallion, *Bakil. He was an outstanding sire with our mares, and we treasure his influence in our herd. A few of our Straight Egyptian Arabians bred to carry on the European sport horse tradition are available each year.

We look forward to your inquiry.

Straight Egyptian Mares

Royal Legend Egyptian Arabian Horses offers a quality selection of Al Khamsa, Asil, and Pyramid Society straight Egyptian Arabians for breeding, show, and riding prospects. Most of our straight Egyptian mares are already under saddle and awaiting the opportunity to become your treasured show and horseback riding companions. You will recognize their excellent work ethic immediately; our mares enjoy taking you for a ride out on the trails or over the jumps.

We typically ride our straight Egyptian mares as young stock, beginning their sport horse and hunter-jumper training before they find their place in your sport horse show string and Egyptian Arabian breeding program. Each of our mares is known for her exceptional type and beauty, keen intelligence, and calm temperament. They reflect their world-class heritage of champion straight Egyptian performance horses in the European tradition.

Straight Egyptian Arabian Foals

Presenting; The stunning foals of Royal Legend Straight Egyptian Arabians.

Straight Egyptian Stallions

Royal Legend Straight Egyptian Arabians present our finest straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa and Asil, purebred Arabian stallions representing over thirty-five years of selective breeding.

The most critical selection criteria for a breeding stallion has always been good temperament; a good temperament makes all else possible. The sweet temperament and dependable work ethic of our young stock make training our young stallions a joy!

Overall balance, type, and quick intelligence, coupled with excellent conformation are the hallmarks of our straight Egyptian colts and stallions. We invite your breeding and purchase inquiries on our top-quality straight Egyptian Arabian stallions. They are each bred to be an exciting performance, show, or sport horse for the most discriminating breeder and rider.

We only offer our finest straight Egyptian stallions as breeding stallions. If they are listed as such, you know they are among the very finest colts we have ever bred. We consistently sell our young straight Egyptian Arabian geldings as top-quality riding horses. If you see a young colt you're interested in, please let us know early.

Straight Egyptian Stallion Prospects

Royal Legend Straight Egyptian Stallion Prospects

Straight Egyptian Reference Stallions

Royal Legend Straight Egyptian Arabians there are the stallions we have chosen to enhance our Texas-based Straight Egyptian Arabian performance horse breeding program. Conformation excellence, with the honest work ethic and beautiful ridden gaits of the finest European sport horses, are paramount qualities in our selection process. 


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