Student Internships

Our summer internship program is the most popular, but we do offer spring internships as well.  Our internship program is intense and requires a good commitment from each intern, but the rewards are everlasting.

Interns learn how to "halter train" young stock, desensitize young horses, and saddle train those old enough to ride. They learn how to prepare for show classes such as halter, and showmanship, flat classes, and trail (both in-hand trail, and under saddle). Interns will learn about clipping, nutrition, tack, basic farrier skills, and more! Interns can learn both English and Western disciplines.

University students can earn internship credit upon completion of our program.  It is the student's responsibility to obtain the necessary forms and permissions prior to beginning the internship, to be able to get those credit hours and inform us of their intentions, as some require extra hours to meet their criteria for completion. (TAMU requires 240 hours!)
Because the internships are intense and very busy, small children that need supervision may not participate or be present.  However, adults, and children as young as 12 years old may apply.  Anyone who will not follow directions, or cannot follow the rules will be dismissed.

As all levels of horseman/woman apply for internships, and we wish to ensure safety, all interns are required to take at least 4 riding lessons prior to riding any of the internship horses to ensure that basic knowledge of riding is established.  The cost of those 4 lessons is $200.   

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application form.