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RLA Angel AlAmal ridden by a summer riding camp childKids must wear tucked-in or close-fitting shirts; long pants (absolutely NO skirts, not even over pants); and boots. Boots may be Western or Paddock style (not rain boots). (Search online for what paddock boots are.) Sunglasses on a lanyard are highly encouraged.

If they have safety riding helmets, please send them with your camper. Otherwise, we have some children's helmets they can use. Be sure the clothes they wear can get dirty. Some days we will also be painting.

Kids may attend one or all summer riding camp sessions, but the price is per session. Please call or message Lisa Robertson at 979-229-3622 to request a registration form.

We do not recommend afternoon plans for your kids, regardless of age, as they are tired after their day at riding camp and often ready to go home and rest up for the next fun-filled day. (They will probably just eat and sleep!) We look forward to seeing you in the Summer of 2024.

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