Willis Creek Trail RideOur facility is not "all work and no play". We love having fun together with our horses! With that in mind, we enjoy taking "field trips" to different areas and equestrian venues with and without horses. We spend time riding at the beach, in the hill country, or in friends' fields.

We attend several schooling days at cross-country eventing establishments, and we certainly find enough shows to test our progress! 

We also like to go as groups to watch or participate in the horse, or horse-related events, classes, riding seminars, and other equestrian activities offered throughout the year. 

Sometimes, we leave the horses at home, and all go out for pedicures for the people instead or have a movie night on a big screen and potluck dinner at the farm. We are always up for new suggestions!  

Be sure to keep track of us on Facebook to see what our next event will be.

Entering the arenatrail riding eventsdriving at the beach